Are you tired of NOT experiencing explosive, transformative, life-giving LOVE?

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Take the #LOVEFIRST journey. #LOVEFIRST: How To Get To That God-Kind Of Love explores the depth of Christ’s love for us and then approaching life with God’s love as our first and primary means in every aspect of life.  #LOVEFIRST is a look at my journey toward loving with LOVEFIRST BOOK1the unconditional love of God. Love that can only be created by a beautiful and perfect Creator — A God-Kind of Love.

Writing this book has given me a perspective on life that I did not know existed. A life of the word of God and His instruction on how to do life His way, full of His Love. Take the journey with me so that you too can discover what it takes to get to that God kind of love.

It will transform your heart, blow your mind, and change your entire world.  Love never fails!

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