Big Booty, Big Belly Girl

 is how I have defined my identity for years. Starting at age 40, my body seemed to grow, and I was not disciplined enough to do something about this growth. I complained about it silently, and out loud. I would work out from time to time, tried several different eating strategies, and even contemplated liposuction on my belly. I actually still do (hehehehe). The rest of me I love!! I promise.   It’s just seeing myself as BIG booty, BIG Belly Girl is what consumes my mind the rest of the time.

In my last blog, I spoke to you all about how I went through a couple of months of discovery. A really huge part of what I discovered was how I had a negative perspective of MYSELF. SMH!

That mess had to, and has to change.

 Doing the intense work of self-discovery is a decision that I put before God.

I literally said, “God, this fog, and negative thinking sucks, and I need you to help me to come out of it, plus show me how to not have a repeat”.

 For months I felt that I really needed to have a weekly phone call with my mentor, instead of making that a priority, I continued on with my busy life.

Well, I want to tell you; not prioritizing weekly time with my mentor did not work well for me. Yes I have the Lord, and yes I have my husband, but there is a plan that God has for all of us, and that is to always, have a mentor to do life with. Jesus did not so life by Himself, being the second person to the trilogy, what makes us think that we can do life without it a coach.

So, my mentor has oversight into my life which means she see’s stuff about me that I do not see, or helps me get passed what I do see about myself that needs to change, but seem to be stuck in trying to change.

The last trip we had lots of time together just me and her. During that time she made me confront the big booty, big belly girl.

She also helped me realize where she came from. Why I choose to look at myself negatively, instead of loving every bit of my fine curvy body.



but nothing beats me deciding to love me, and me deciding to get down and dirty with the toxic mess that I have made with my thoughts.

1:  Dr. Caroline Leaf is my girl. Y’all should check her out!I have signed up to do her 21-day detox. In this detox I tackle the negative, toxic thoughts. Dr Caroline has a very cool way of teaching how to do that.

2:  I also am doing the 40 day word fast (Tim Cameron) which is helping me with negative, sarcastic, judgmental words that I say not only about myself, but with everything, and everybody else in my life.

Guys, It’s a daily part of my life now. I’m leveling up!!

The big booty, big belly girl is slowly dying.

I got goals, and big plans for this girl, Ingrid Pickett.

I tell her everyday:

You were created perfectly in the image of God

You were created for Gods good pleasure

You are really Dope

You are created from love to love

You are more than a conqueror

 The beautification is happening y’all. Daily affirmations really work when I work it.

Stay tuned next week for the continuation of project:


  Dare to change ladies. Take the time to confront the stuff that causes you not to be who God has said that you are. It’s a big deal to be His girl, and not a woman of your own toxic mess.

What toxic thoughts are trying to invade your very existence?

What thoughts need to die that live in your head?

 Get to it girls!  Discover who you are in the word of God, and affirm that daily.

No more negative words or toxic thoughts about your self.

 My new phrases of wisdom are;

*You are who you say you are.

*What you put in, is what will come out.

 Proverbs 18: 21 –  Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits. [1]

 Well, ok, they are new phrases, but these two phrases have taken on a whole new meaning for me. Adopt them, it will do the same for you.










[1] The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2016). (Pr 18:21). Wheaton, IL: Crossway Bibles.