I’m really excited about my life right now!  I spent the last quarter of 2017, in an intentional mode of

Discovery, Reflection and Decision,

Which have led me to a leveling up in action towards my life path.

I was in this funky fog that I could feel, but did not understand. As a response to what I was feeling, I kind of shut down many of the projects that I was involved in, and decided on dedicating the end of the year to really asking God to help me understand what was wrong with me.  During this time, I also had a visit with my mentor, and she helped with the reveal of what was wrong.  My mentor and God are my go too’s!

Boy, did He hear me, and began to show me so much that I cannot even begin to explain in this blog. As a result, I was surely feeling and seeing a difference in me by the ending of the year. I could feel a clearing in my thoughts, and in my body for the better.

Oh, and I forgot to add that in October I began working out with a personal trainer.

Let me tell you something, the scripture,

“All things work together for good,” (Romans 8:28)

That thing was working itself out in my life. The decision of working out consistently with a trainer, the intentional focus on getting myself out of this fog, and stepping my game up to better my life was working together for my good.  It’s been amazing!

I would admonish you all to do an intentional, ongoing asking of God to show you His plan for your life, and to also show you the hindrances in your life that are causing distractions from your progress. The distractions come to get you off track of the path and purpose that God has created for you. I believe that sharing my little struggle in the fog may keep those who will pay attention away from foggy times.

Even though I have done ongoing self-assessments, know it has to be an ongoing work, and I know that God will see me through it, the outcome of these times never fail to amaze me.

I realized last week how clear my thoughts were now that I have done this work of self-reflection.

Let me tell you guys what I discovered:

*I needed to love all of me, my belly, booty and all.

*I needed to take away all negative speech about or against who I am.

*My focus has to be defined with clarity on a daily basis

*Allow my husband to help me with eating discipline (most of the time)

*Delegate more of my work duties (Wooohooo. No one can be 100% accurate when one is trying to do everything)


I say all of this in hopes of helping others. At this moment there may be someone thinking or even saying, “What the heck is going on with me?” This blog will help you get to the bottom of it.

I have had an upswing in coaching clients within the last month.

This is how I know that women are really attempting to get to what it is that God created them to do, and to uncover the hindrances that are seemingly keeping them stuck.

In my next blog, I will share what I am doing to keep me on point through this new me in this New Year.  I am really excited, and I love leveling up!!

Love you guys!!  Ill be back next week this time!!