Here it is, as promised!  My household prayer!

This prayer was probably written 15 years ago!  I prayed it everyday for probably 5 years, and then off and on as lead by the Lord after that.  I have not actually read it in it’s entirety in several years, but upon reading it just now, I will be taking parts of it and praying it until…

I know it will help you in writing your household prayer!

Let me know if you need any help!

I’m her for you!!

Have fun writing a powerful, purposeful, prayer that will yield a great harvest in your marriage, and home.

Love you,



Prayer for my household

Lord I thank you that your perfect will is being done in this house

Therefore there is no more toiling with any of us

Wealth and riches are in this house forever because we handle all of our business affairs with discretion

Psalm 112:3, 5

I thank you Lord that my husband loves me like Christ loves the church, and he leads us with the wisdom from God only.  Give him the unction to be mentored Lord, and any spirit of pride I pull down in the name of Jesus.  Give him peace deep within, so that he can walk with confidence, boldness, humility and might.  Open up his heart that he may go from glory to glory.  He is open to what you have for him, and he will not reject anything from you.  Thank you for his heart of flesh, and love and patience in the name of Jesus.

My husband is a man of great faith, He has the revelation that God is limitless, he leads by the spirit of God only, He is soaring as an eagle, he is a king, and I see him as a king.


I pray that my children are disciples (taught by the Lord and obedient to His will), and great shall be the peace and undisturbed composure of my children  Isa 54:13

We shall take the lead of the Holy Spirit and train our children up in the way that they shall go in their giftings, and show them the way of the Lord, so they will never depart from it, in Jesus name Proverbs 22:6

Our children are Jesus sheep and they hear, hearken, and know His voice, and they follow Him, in Jesus name John 10:27

They are powerful successful children of light.  I thank you for there spouses.  They are also powerful and successful and they are people that love You Lord and that are prosperous in all of there ways…  They are free and delivered from the snares of the enemy in Jesus name.  My children shall reap every benefit of the Lord and will walk in Gods perfect timing for their lives.  In Jesus name. My children shall receive a full ride all exspence paid college tuition, in Jesus name. My children will save their selves for marriage, they will remain pure virgins until the day of there marriage union. In the name of Jesus. My children shall live long and not die early untimely deaths, In Jesus name.


We walk by faith and not by sight or appearance, and we only speak the truth of the word in this house.  We do not judge by what we see or hear.  We only move by the spirit and the word.

The blood of Jesus is applied to every area of our lives.

I am anxious about nothing, but everything I take to you in prayer, and am not guided by my emotions, only by the spirit of God, and the peace that passes all understanding

keeps my heart and mind so that I will only think on that which is true, honest, just, pure, lovely and what is of a good report  Phil 4:6-8

Order our steps today Holy Spirit

Lead and guide us into nothing but truth John16:13

Let love abound in our hearts by the move of the Holy Spirit in this house in the name of Jesus Romans 5:5

Because we dwell in the secret place we are stable and fixed and no foe can withstand the power of the most high God.  Lord you are our refuge and our fortress we lean on, rely on and we confidently trust you.

You have delivered us from the enemy who seeks to devour us and from any deadly disease.  I thank you that your truth and faithfulness are our protection.  We are not afraid of any plot, plan or scheme of the enemy because you will show us his plan that is against us.  Sudden or accidental death will not come near us.  No evil, no plague nor calamity will come near us.  Your angels Lord have special charge over us so that we will not dash our foot against any stone.  Thank you for setting the _________family on high because we know and understand and have personal knowledge of you.  When we call upon you, you answer, and you are with us in any trouble, and you deliver and honor us.  With long life shall you satisfy us and show us salvation.  Psalm 91

In the name of Jesus