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I am writing as promised to give you guys my notes for the #LoveFirst wives club prayer strategy FB live video that I did on Saturday morning for wives and wives to be. If you missed it, go check it out please.

First things first.

It is very important for every wife to know the purpose of her creation. In Genesis 2:18 – 20, God tells us that He created Eve

to be Adams help meet, which translates to us. We were created to be a suitable companion to our husbands, to walk beside him, to have his back, and to pray him to and through life! With all of that being said, please go to God on exactly what this means for your marriage.


I can tell you what it does not mean:

*You are not your husband’s mama, so please do not take on her role.

*Your way of doing things is not necessarily the right way of doing things.

*You must realize that there is always another perspective.

*His brain is different from your brain.

*He is not your enemy.


Yes, we may see things before our husbands do.  Yes, we may be able to multi task, but I believe that God created us this way to help.  To be able to fill in where our husbands may be lacking.

 On Saturday, I gave three key scriptures that have lots of instruction for us as wives. There is also instruction for husbands, but right now, lets only focus on our instruction. When it’s time to pray, then we will use his instruction!

Genesis 2:18-20

Ephesians 5:21-33

1 Peter 3:1-6

 1: Pray for yourself!  I believe we as wives wear so many hats, and our hearts often move towards others first, especially our husbands, and children, hopefully in that order.  With that being said, please remember to start out praying for yourself. The scripture that I use to pray for myself is Psalm 139: 23-24. This scripture basically tells God,  “I give you permission to tell me what is in me that needs to be removed”, and it is giving God permission to set you on His path for you.


2: Pray with a clear-cut goal.  As a couple, the two of you should be pulling and pushing in life with the same passion toward the same goals. It should not be, “Well, I think what my husband is thinking is wrong, and/or, he is going about that all wrong.” If this is your stance pray psalm 139:23-24 right now! (lol)


3: Pray with a burning desire.  The example was Hannah in 1 Samuel 1:1-18.  In this scripture it says that the Lord closed Hannah’s womb.  I believe sometimes the Lord will allow pain in our lives to develop strength, and faith in Him.

Never be ashamed of the desire in your heart that you have not seen yet. 


4: Pray until you have assurance.  Do not talk until you have assurance. In other words, don’t nag ladies. It’s nothing worse than a nagging wife trying to force your husband into doing something.  My mentor always told me that God speaks louder to Todd than I do. 

We as women can talk to much. Shhhhhhhhhhhh!

Proverbs 21:19 says:

It is better to live on the corner of a roof than to share a house with a nagging wife.


Assurance comes from the word of God. Pray Gods word.

When I searched the scripture on what my marriage should look like, I believed God’s word. I was fully persuaded that my husband loved me like Christ loved the church, and he loved me as he loved himself. I believed it, and spoke it out of my mouth in prayer every day without fail.

 Which brings me to point 5.


5: Speak it into existence. Do not be afraid to speak into existence what you do not see. (Romans 4:17) Also, have the courage to have the hard conversations. When we are silent, it is as we are consenting. Go to God when you feel as if there is something to be talked about, go to your husband when God says it’s cool to, and go with the right attitude.

 Ladies, here are a few other tips from the video!

*In your marriage, always go to love first. To me going to #LOVEFIRST is equal to Proverbs 15:1 which says:

A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers fly.

*Have patience, which is making a decision to go at God’s pace and not at your own. Going at Gods pace means that you are not pushing your own.

*Ask God who He created your husband to be, and submit to your man according to that.

I believe these tips are important to put in place before the prayer strategy is actually put in place.  I believe that this information makes for a great foundation of prayer.

First things first!!


Get ready people!  Next week we will go further on this subject of prayer strategy.  The Lord has already given me great stuff to share!!

See you in the #Lovefirst wives club.

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Thanks ladies. Have a great week!