Hello Friends,

Please understand something!  Your life is important, and you were created for a purpose! It doesn’t matter What your life feels like or looks like presently, it. What matters is what you know deep in your heart.  What matters is that idea that you have heard from the Lord.  What matters is, He has given you everything that you need to do the dang thing.  My friend, you were created to make a difference!

Think about it!  He would not have put the word in your ear, or the thought in your heart, if He had not already set every thing in order for you.

Sometimes, life and the pursuit of it get a little tough.  That’s ok.  Give yourself permission to be resilient. Confront every adverse situation with your Faith, (not fear) to kick down every wall of adversity, or the thought that it’s just too hard. Never let the idea of something being “too hard”, keep you from moving forward!

Keep saying to yourself “I can do whatever I set my mind, and my hands to do! I can do this!!”

I have done the following things to stay on course:

1:  I’ve sought out a mentor in the area in which I am pursuing.

2:  I’ve sought out an accountability partner to keep me on track.

3:  I ask God for wisdom every morning for the day’s tasks.

4:  I greet fear with Faith every time it appears

5:  I keep moving no matter what

I want you to know something guys. I don’t know how to do most of the things that God tells me to do. What I happens is, once I agree with Him about what ever it is, He Miraculously places what I need to take the first step in my life in some form or fashion.

So, get up, level up, go with the move of God, and bang it out to the best of your ability, then let God do the rest!

No matter what, YOU ARE DOPE, and you make a difference.



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