Hey there wives of the world!


How’s your reading of “His Brain, Her Brains” going?

Are you starting to see the divine differences in your man?

Do you understand your husbands’ behavior?

Are you starting to understand how you should be looking at things differently?

It’s so much knowledge in this book it’s crazy!

  • It is my hope that this read will be one of the most mind renewing reads that you have encountered so far.
  • It is my hope that this book will renew your marriage relationship to the point of it being on and poppin!
  • It is my hope that you see your husband like God see’s him, and you begin to make adjustments in the way you view marriage as a whole.


This is about the fourth time that I’m reading this book and I am going through some great renewal because of it.

I am determined that I will forever be intentional about my marriage, and I will continue to do my part with the guidance of the Lord.

Because I make myself, and my husband my first priority, I am always hearing from the Holy Spirit on what I should and should not do concerning our lives. It’s so sweet to live my live listening to the Lord opposed to doing my own thing based on my own understanding.

Doing life that way did not work so well.

I am so excited to share this with you all, and that you have decided to level up as a wife.

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