Hello everyone!

So. I’ve been posting on social media for everyone to join the #LOVEFIRST wives club (temporary name), by purchasing the book “His Brain, Her Brain”, by Walt and Barb Larimore. I have mentioned this book many times and the reason being, this book saved my marriage, and changed my perspective on the way I looked at my husband.

I believe in sharing everything that I know. I am a student of life only to share it all with those who will listen.

Generosity is my thing, so please. Get this book, and let’s explore together on how to make our marriages amazing!

I believe God put this book in my hands so that His message for wives and husbands would be revealed. I believe that our marriage blue prints did not give us all of what we needed to have successful marriages. I don’t know about you, but my parents did not know that they were teaching me how to be married by their marriage.

Don’t get me wrong, my parents did the best that they knew how, and they are still married today, BUT there is a lot that I have had to learn about marriage success since I’ve been married.

So, with all of that being said, “His Brain, Her Brain”, was one of the best teachers that I have had.

Join me! You and a girlfriend! Get the book, and start learning!!! Start a small group of your own!! It will be a wonderful journey of discovery that will help you love your husband for who he is, and more importantly, you will love him for who God created him to be!!

Hit me up in the comment section if you are joining this squad. Married, soon to be married, and those who just want good information for your relationship!!

You are going to hug me for this!

Get your book on kindle, you’re nearest Christian bookstore, or any bookstore near you.

Peace and Love,