Spring has sprung! 

Ladies, have you noticed something about fashion this Spring?
Everything is in style!
Yes, you can do you boo!
Put some spring in your step and start looking your best! 
The first step is knowing what looks good on you.  
For example, the way my body is proportioned, a standard t-shirt does not look great on me.  
My best tee is one that is fitted around my shoulders and bust, cut in a flowy fabric that flares out!

Another question to consider:  What are your best assets?  If you don’t know your body type search fashion blogs, read fashion mags, or hire a Professional Stylist. 


Knowing your body type will not only help you pick out flattering pieces that always work, but it saves you money and time!
So back to my first statement.  A little bit of everything is in style this season! Are you ready?
Here’s the list: gauchos, suits, pencil skirts, silky blouses, floral prints, jeans, overalls, tulle skirts, linen, lace, polka dots, Aztec prints, short hem lines, maxi dresses and more! 

Explore them all and have fun just don’t wear them all at the same time!

*Ingrid Pickett is a lifestyle blogger, professional stylist, owner of INGRID, a boutique and founder of Integrity Chicks.