My household prayer

Here it is, as promised!  My household prayer!

This prayer was probably written 15 years ago!  I prayed it everyday for probably 5 years, and then off and on as lead by the Lord after that.  I have not actually read it in it’s entirety in several years, but upon reading it just now, I will be taking parts of it and praying it until…

I know it will help you in writing your household prayer!

Let me know if you need any help!

I’m her for you!!

Have fun writing a powerful, purposeful, prayer that will yield a great harvest in your marriage, and home.

Love you,



Prayer for my household

Lord I thank you that your perfect will is being done in this house

Therefore there is no more toiling with any of us

Wealth and riches are in this house forever because we handle all of our business affairs with discretion

Psalm 112:3, 5

I thank you Lord that my husband loves me like Christ loves the church, and he leads us with the wisdom from God only.  Give him the unction to be mentored Lord, and any spirit of pride I pull down in the name of Jesus.  Give him peace deep within, so that he can walk with confidence, boldness, humility and might.  Open up his heart that he may go from glory to glory.  He is open to what you have for him, and he will not reject anything from you.  Thank you for his heart of flesh, and love and patience in the name of Jesus.

My husband is a man of great faith, He has the revelation that God is limitless, he leads by the spirit of God only, He is soaring as an eagle, he is a king, and I see him as a king.


I pray that my children are disciples (taught by the Lord and obedient to His will), and great shall be the peace and undisturbed composure of my children  Isa 54:13

We shall take the lead of the Holy Spirit and train our children up in the way that they shall go in their giftings, and show them the way of the Lord, so they will never depart from it, in Jesus name Proverbs 22:6

Our children are Jesus sheep and they hear, hearken, and know His voice, and they follow Him, in Jesus name John 10:27

They are powerful successful children of light.  I thank you for there spouses.  They are also powerful and successful and they are people that love You Lord and that are prosperous in all of there ways…  They are free and delivered from the snares of the enemy in Jesus name.  My children shall reap every benefit of the Lord and will walk in Gods perfect timing for their lives.  In Jesus name. My children shall receive a full ride all exspence paid college tuition, in Jesus name. My children will save their selves for marriage, they will remain pure virgins until the day of there marriage union. In the name of Jesus. My children shall live long and not die early untimely deaths, In Jesus name.


We walk by faith and not by sight or appearance, and we only speak the truth of the word in this house.  We do not judge by what we see or hear.  We only move by the spirit and the word.

The blood of Jesus is applied to every area of our lives.

I am anxious about nothing, but everything I take to you in prayer, and am not guided by my emotions, only by the spirit of God, and the peace that passes all understanding

keeps my heart and mind so that I will only think on that which is true, honest, just, pure, lovely and what is of a good report  Phil 4:6-8

Order our steps today Holy Spirit

Lead and guide us into nothing but truth John16:13

Let love abound in our hearts by the move of the Holy Spirit in this house in the name of Jesus Romans 5:5

Because we dwell in the secret place we are stable and fixed and no foe can withstand the power of the most high God.  Lord you are our refuge and our fortress we lean on, rely on and we confidently trust you.

You have delivered us from the enemy who seeks to devour us and from any deadly disease.  I thank you that your truth and faithfulness are our protection.  We are not afraid of any plot, plan or scheme of the enemy because you will show us his plan that is against us.  Sudden or accidental death will not come near us.  No evil, no plague nor calamity will come near us.  Your angels Lord have special charge over us so that we will not dash our foot against any stone.  Thank you for setting the _________family on high because we know and understand and have personal knowledge of you.  When we call upon you, you answer, and you are with us in any trouble, and you deliver and honor us.  With long life shall you satisfy us and show us salvation.  Psalm 91

In the name of Jesus  





Prayer Strategy part 1(#Lovefirst wives club)


Hey there,

I am writing as promised to give you guys my notes for the #LoveFirst wives club prayer strategy FB live video that I did on Saturday morning for wives and wives to be. If you missed it, go check it out please.

First things first.

It is very important for every wife to know the purpose of her creation. In Genesis 2:18 – 20, God tells us that He created Eve

to be Adams help meet, which translates to us. We were created to be a suitable companion to our husbands, to walk beside him, to have his back, and to pray him to and through life! With all of that being said, please go to God on exactly what this means for your marriage.


I can tell you what it does not mean:

*You are not your husband’s mama, so please do not take on her role.

*Your way of doing things is not necessarily the right way of doing things.

*You must realize that there is always another perspective.

*His brain is different from your brain.

*He is not your enemy.


Yes, we may see things before our husbands do.  Yes, we may be able to multi task, but I believe that God created us this way to help.  To be able to fill in where our husbands may be lacking.

 On Saturday, I gave three key scriptures that have lots of instruction for us as wives. There is also instruction for husbands, but right now, lets only focus on our instruction. When it’s time to pray, then we will use his instruction!

Genesis 2:18-20

Ephesians 5:21-33

1 Peter 3:1-6

 1: Pray for yourself!  I believe we as wives wear so many hats, and our hearts often move towards others first, especially our husbands, and children, hopefully in that order.  With that being said, please remember to start out praying for yourself. The scripture that I use to pray for myself is Psalm 139: 23-24. This scripture basically tells God,  “I give you permission to tell me what is in me that needs to be removed”, and it is giving God permission to set you on His path for you.


2: Pray with a clear-cut goal.  As a couple, the two of you should be pulling and pushing in life with the same passion toward the same goals. It should not be, “Well, I think what my husband is thinking is wrong, and/or, he is going about that all wrong.” If this is your stance pray psalm 139:23-24 right now! (lol)


3: Pray with a burning desire.  The example was Hannah in 1 Samuel 1:1-18.  In this scripture it says that the Lord closed Hannah’s womb.  I believe sometimes the Lord will allow pain in our lives to develop strength, and faith in Him.

Never be ashamed of the desire in your heart that you have not seen yet. 


4: Pray until you have assurance.  Do not talk until you have assurance. In other words, don’t nag ladies. It’s nothing worse than a nagging wife trying to force your husband into doing something.  My mentor always told me that God speaks louder to Todd than I do. 

We as women can talk to much. Shhhhhhhhhhhh!

Proverbs 21:19 says:

It is better to live on the corner of a roof than to share a house with a nagging wife.


Assurance comes from the word of God. Pray Gods word.

When I searched the scripture on what my marriage should look like, I believed God’s word. I was fully persuaded that my husband loved me like Christ loved the church, and he loved me as he loved himself. I believed it, and spoke it out of my mouth in prayer every day without fail.

 Which brings me to point 5.


5: Speak it into existence. Do not be afraid to speak into existence what you do not see. (Romans 4:17) Also, have the courage to have the hard conversations. When we are silent, it is as we are consenting. Go to God when you feel as if there is something to be talked about, go to your husband when God says it’s cool to, and go with the right attitude.

 Ladies, here are a few other tips from the video!

*In your marriage, always go to love first. To me going to #LOVEFIRST is equal to Proverbs 15:1 which says:

A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers fly.

*Have patience, which is making a decision to go at God’s pace and not at your own. Going at Gods pace means that you are not pushing your own.

*Ask God who He created your husband to be, and submit to your man according to that.

I believe these tips are important to put in place before the prayer strategy is actually put in place.  I believe that this information makes for a great foundation of prayer.

First things first!!


Get ready people!  Next week we will go further on this subject of prayer strategy.  The Lord has already given me great stuff to share!!

See you in the #Lovefirst wives club.

Do me a favor guys, invite every wife that you know to the club on our private FB page.


Thanks ladies. Have a great week!


No matter what, you are Dope!

Hello Friends,

Please understand something!  Your life is important, and you were created for a purpose! It doesn’t matter What your life feels like or looks like presently, it. What matters is what you know deep in your heart.  What matters is that idea that you have heard from the Lord.  What matters is, He has given you everything that you need to do the dang thing.  My friend, you were created to make a difference!

Think about it!  He would not have put the word in your ear, or the thought in your heart, if He had not already set every thing in order for you.

Sometimes, life and the pursuit of it get a little tough.  That’s ok.  Give yourself permission to be resilient. Confront every adverse situation with your Faith, (not fear) to kick down every wall of adversity, or the thought that it’s just too hard. Never let the idea of something being “too hard”, keep you from moving forward!

Keep saying to yourself “I can do whatever I set my mind, and my hands to do! I can do this!!”

I have done the following things to stay on course:

1:  I’ve sought out a mentor in the area in which I am pursuing.

2:  I’ve sought out an accountability partner to keep me on track.

3:  I ask God for wisdom every morning for the day’s tasks.

4:  I greet fear with Faith every time it appears

5:  I keep moving no matter what

I want you to know something guys. I don’t know how to do most of the things that God tells me to do. What I happens is, once I agree with Him about what ever it is, He Miraculously places what I need to take the first step in my life in some form or fashion.

So, get up, level up, go with the move of God, and bang it out to the best of your ability, then let God do the rest!

No matter what, YOU ARE DOPE, and you make a difference.



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**I challenge you to be Grateful

Hello Friends


I have a challenge for you!

I sense that the climate of America is changing for the better. If you do not sense that, it’s ok, I have something for you to do to change that. If you do sense that positive change, good for you. I want YOU to be able to level up in your positivity.  The truth is, joy, and positivity comes from within. Your truth, your perspective on life can be negative or positive,  It’s all up to you.  You can decide to focus on what ever you want to focus on.

Did you know that we become a slave to our thoughts, good, or bad.

I believe that is why the Lord said in Philippians 4:8

“Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. Keep putting into practice all you learned and received from me and saw me doing. Then the God of peace will be with you.”

Understand my dear friends if you continue to fix your thoughts on CNN, MSNBC, etc, those are the facts that will consume your thoughts. There is nothing wrong with being aware of what’s going on in the world, but what does your awareness force you to focus on?

Personally, I leave all of the goings on’s in the world to God. Nothing takes Him by surprise! I choose to live my life listening to the voice of the Lord so that He can tell me how to pray for our country, and our world, instead of fixating on constant negativity.

  • I believe that we as believers have a duty to show the world the joy of the Lord, which is what strengthens us.
  • I believe that we as believers look and listen more to what’s going on around us than we do to God’s voice.
  • I believe that purposefully focusing on what we are grateful for will help us have a paradigm shift in our thought life.
  • I believe that changing our thought life will change our prayer life.
  • Changing our prayer life is essential to helping God do what He wants to do in the earth through us, His body.


The truth is, we are His body, shouldn’t we do what He wants us to do?

I am saying all of this to PROPOSE A CHALLENGE FOR YOU ALL

For the next 21 days, I propose that we all:


Get up in the morning and listen to God for at least 5 minutes.

Write in your journal every morning after listening to the Lord what 5 things that you are grateful for.

Also, pay attention to your thoughts.

Every time you think something negative, say out loud something that you are grateful for.

Throughout this 21-day period, continuously tell everyone around you, what you are grateful for concerning them you.

As I am typing, I am thinking about the places that I need to improve on my gratitude and more ways to share my gratefulness.

I am so excited for this guys!!

We are going to change our thought life, what we focus on, and those around us, one grateful act at a time!


I will be posting on Snapchat, IG, and FB every day to keep you reminded. Also for those who don’t have social media, I will send you an email via this blog with the same reminders.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset



Thanks for joining me.







**Parents of middle school aged girls**

Did you know these facts?

  • Over 80% of ten year old girls are afraid of being fat.
  • By middle school, 40-70 percent of girls are dissatisfied with two or more parts of their body, and body satisfaction hits rock bottom between the ages of 12 and 15.
  • Girl’s self-esteem plummets at age 12 and does not improve until 20, unhappiness attributed to changes in body shape, as “females first experience a decline in self esteem between the ages of 12 and 13, a time when most females have entered puberty.”1

There are many consequences that occur in young girls, because of the esteem issues that they are subject to in middle school. Consequences such as1:


  • Eating disorders
  • Early Onset of Sexual Activity
  • Obesity


I remember when my daughter, Darrian, was in middle school. This vivacious elementary aged little girl had suddenly become a cranky middle school aged girl that was seldom happy. At the time, I did not know all that was going on in her little brain and emotions. Now that she is 23 years old, she talks to me about all that she was feeling.

I’m so glad to have fostered this new relationship with my daughter, and because of the desire the Lord has put on my heart to help middle school-aged girls, I am so excited to announce the official opening of the application process for the first annual:


The camp will take place July 24 – 28 from 8:30-5:30 @ 7323 Steel Mill Rd, Springfield VA. We want to help solve the great self-esteem puzzle by assisting parents in raising empowered young girls that know who they are in Christ, and to lead them in honing in on their unique gifts and talents that make them who they are, and shed light on their individual beauty. If you are interested in participating in this amazing camp, email me @, and I will get the application out to you ASAP!

For you parents that are currently figuring out your daughter’s schedule for the week of July 24 – 28, mark the LOVE FIRST GIRLS EMPOWERMENT CAMP on your calendars.

Your daughter has an appointment with her destiny. I look forward to talking with you soon! If you do not have a middle school aged daughter, please share this information with all of your friends that do. Limited space is available, so contact us today and we will get your daughter registered!!



To pre-register call Ingrid @ 703-209-9311 or Kim @703-727-5200

The camp will take place July 24th – 28th


Love ya,















Are you starting to see the differences?

Hey there wives of the world!


How’s your reading of “His Brain, Her Brains” going?

Are you starting to see the divine differences in your man?

Do you understand your husbands’ behavior?

Are you starting to understand how you should be looking at things differently?

It’s so much knowledge in this book it’s crazy!

  • It is my hope that this read will be one of the most mind renewing reads that you have encountered so far.
  • It is my hope that this book will renew your marriage relationship to the point of it being on and poppin!
  • It is my hope that you see your husband like God see’s him, and you begin to make adjustments in the way you view marriage as a whole.


This is about the fourth time that I’m reading this book and I am going through some great renewal because of it.

I am determined that I will forever be intentional about my marriage, and I will continue to do my part with the guidance of the Lord.

Because I make myself, and my husband my first priority, I am always hearing from the Holy Spirit on what I should and should not do concerning our lives. It’s so sweet to live my live listening to the Lord opposed to doing my own thing based on my own understanding.

Doing life that way did not work so well.

I am so excited to share this with you all, and that you have decided to level up as a wife.

Don’t forget to invite every wife who wants to grow as a woman, and as a spouse to join our tribe @

  • #Lovefirst Wives Club on Facebook!


  • to follow this blog and to download my free Ebook #LOVEFIRST


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Remember to always go to LOVEFIRST!




Are you a wife that nags?


Are you a nagging, overbearing wife? Are you a bully to your man?

nagging wife 2nagging wife 1


If so, there is a Proverb for you:

Proverbs 21:19

It’s better to live alone in the desert than with a quarrelsome, complaining wife.

In my 15 years of counseling wives I have found that when a wife is nagging, it’s probably because she is trying to get her husband to do something that she wants him to do, or something she does not want him to do. Most likely this something the wife is nagging her husband about, he will probably never think to do. OR, if he thinks to do this something, most likely he will not do what she wants him to do in the form or fashion in which she wants him to do it.

Listen Linda. Let your husband be great and do not sweat the small stuff. Give him permission, and the respect to do him. Lower any unrealistic expectation you may have of your husband.

Tip: This unrealistic expectation may include telling him how to drive!

Question for ya.

What if he does not drive just like you want him to, or does not put a trash bag back in the trashcan after he empties it? What would happen? What is the worst-case scenario if your man does not do what you want him to do, the way you want him to do it?

My advice to you is to please calm down, and understand his brain does not, and will not operate like yours does.

Bring some peace to your life and breathe please!


When your husband does not do what you want him to, and you feel your self-getting ready to pounce:

1: Take a step back and breathe!

2: Instead of nagging, say, “babe I love you”!

3: Then use the opportunity to discuss what it is you may need from him calmly with out attitude.

Nagging usually comes out of a place of frustration, but why are you really frustrated?

 Sit down with your man and have the hard conversations, with the goal of seeking to understand him, and not necessarily seeking to be understood.

Fortunately, your way of doing things is not the only way to doing things.

Remember, by design, God created His brain different from your brain.



Instead, go to #LOVEFIRST in your mind, heart and in your emotions!  It will bring forth a much better and brighter partnership if consistently practiced!  Isn’t that what you want at the end of the day?

Please join us at the:



It’s a private page for wives only. So invite your friends who are wives that are serious about growing as a wife, and those who you know that want to enhance their marriage covenant!

The members of the wives club are reading a sensational book that changed my marriage forever,

“HIS BRAIN, HER BRAIN”, BY Walt and Barb Larimore.


 If you have not done so already, purchase the book today and start reading!

If you have purchased the book and have started reading it,

Keep reading

This book is going to change you life, and your marriage!


Marriage should be about understanding who each other is, and understanding why God put you with each other, and finally, the two of you growing together with a purpose, on purpose.


Thank you good people

Love you! Mean it!




Talking book club – part 2

Hello Ladies.

I am writing to invite and inform you, my dear friends, that I have launched an exciting new book club called,

“#LOVEFIRST wives book club”.

I have decided that I want to share with you how and where I have gathered a good portion of my knowledge. The source is books. I have read so many books in the past 10 years, and the reason why is because when I met one of my mentors, the first thing he said to my husband and I was, “Leaders are Readers”, and it is so true.

I am an information sponge!

I want to know everything about everything that will enhance my life and the way that I live it.

It has gotten to the point where I am reading two to three books at a time, and along with reading comes a lot of journaling. I find that writing down different points that stand out to me when reading helps me retain that information.

Also, I stay close to the people that are my mentors, so that I can glean from them what I need for my life and living as well.

So, that’s why I wanted to launch this book club for wives.

*I believe that there is so much information that wives have not obtained in order to be the best that we can be.

*I believe that there are too many divorces because of a lack of knowledge.

*I believe that there is an art and a mystery to being the wives that the Lord has created us to be.

*I believe that we as wives mostly have not been aware of this art nor has the mystery been uncovered.

So, join me every Saturday morning at 10 a.m. on periscope or Face book to join the club, and to discuss with me everything about:

“His Brain verses, Her Brain”.

I will also share on this platform, my blog (, the replay of every book club!

Again, the book to purchase is:

“His Brain Her Brain” by Walt and Barb Larimore.

We have already read chapters 1 and 2.

This Saturday coming, we will discuss chapters 3 through 5!

The book is also available as an audio book, so you can listen to it if you prefer. I actually do both!

So if you are new to the club, or have not yet done so, in order to catch up please read chapter’s 1- 5.

Tell all of your married, or soon to be married friends and family so that they also can join our club!

Great coming into you inbox today!!

I will be back soon!






Join our #Lovefirst wives book club


Hello everyone!

So. I’ve been posting on social media for everyone to join the #LOVEFIRST wives club (temporary name), by purchasing the book “His Brain, Her Brain”, by Walt and Barb Larimore. I have mentioned this book many times and the reason being, this book saved my marriage, and changed my perspective on the way I looked at my husband.

I believe in sharing everything that I know. I am a student of life only to share it all with those who will listen.

Generosity is my thing, so please. Get this book, and let’s explore together on how to make our marriages amazing!

I believe God put this book in my hands so that His message for wives and husbands would be revealed. I believe that our marriage blue prints did not give us all of what we needed to have successful marriages. I don’t know about you, but my parents did not know that they were teaching me how to be married by their marriage.

Don’t get me wrong, my parents did the best that they knew how, and they are still married today, BUT there is a lot that I have had to learn about marriage success since I’ve been married.

So, with all of that being said, “His Brain, Her Brain”, was one of the best teachers that I have had.

Join me! You and a girlfriend! Get the book, and start learning!!! Start a small group of your own!! It will be a wonderful journey of discovery that will help you love your husband for who he is, and more importantly, you will love him for who God created him to be!!

Hit me up in the comment section if you are joining this squad. Married, soon to be married, and those who just want good information for your relationship!!

You are going to hug me for this!

Get your book on kindle, you’re nearest Christian bookstore, or any bookstore near you.

Peace and Love,